Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekend Box Office: 'Immortals' Overwhelm Sandler and Eastwood

Can there be this type of factor like a movie that's too violent? In the box office, apparently not. Exhibit A: 'Immortals,' which, despite extreme gore which includes bloody entrails flying in the viewer in three dimensional, opened up at no. 1 by having an believed $32. million. This is a stunning task for any movie that faced competition from the new Adam Sandler comedy, had little star energy of their own, belonged to some genre of sword-and-sandals movies that has not been popular recently, and originates from an indie distributor with just one other large hit under its belt. Oh, and did we mention the flying entrails? Really, the deliberately repulsive combat moments were most likely a large feature. Given such recent movies as 'Conan the Barbarian' and 'The Eagle' (movies within the same genre as 'Immortals' that unsuccessful to dent this area office), you need to go completely to 'Clash from the Titans' and '300' for ancient-world action blockbusters, and 'Immortals' director Tarsem Singh ignored individuals movies as excessively tame. It's doubtful that anybody would find 'Immortals' tame, which should have assisted overcome the movie's box office disadvantages - its greatest stars were Mickey Rourke and future Superman Henry Cavill, its marketing did not really hint in the movie's over-the-top visual spectacle, and it is distributor, Relativity, has formerly struck box office gold just with 'Limitless.' It's no surprise that commentators thought these were generous predicting a dent for 'Immortals' within the low 20s. The $32 million believed gross may come as a welcome surprise for Relativity, but even that is not great news. In the end, Friday's opening take of $15 million must have heralded an overall total weekend gross of $36 million, however the film had been sliding with a third by Saturday. That quick decline indicates the movie might not have strong legs, particularly if teen women drag their men to determine 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Beginning Part 1' if this opens next weekend. At this rate, 'Immortals' could have a difficult time recovering its believed $75 million budget from domestic receipts alone, though overseas, the film has gained a minimum of $36 million more. Moviegoers apparently found the combat carnage in 'Immortals' less stomach-churning compared to spectacle of Adam Sandler in drag being wooed by Al Pacino. 'Jack and Jill' opened up in second place by having an believed $26. million. That causes it to be the very first of Sandler's adult comedies in almost 14 years (since 'The Wedding Singer') to spread out with under $$ 30 million. Yet it really did just a little much better than commentators predicted, that was about $24 million. The lowballing came not in the almost globally negative reviews, since Sandler movies are critic-proof, but from the truth that the multiplex already has two other comedies competing for the similar audience in 'Tower Heist' and 'A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas' Because of the weak points in writing of 'Immortals' and 'Jack and Jill,' many box office prognosticators expected last week's champion, 'Puss in Boots,' to threepeat. Indeed, the cartoon did perfectly, losing just 23 percent of last week's audience and nabbing another believed $25.5 million. That arrived the film in third place, though just $500,000 behind 'Jack and Jill,' 'Puss' could end up in second place once final amounts are launched on Monday. In three days, the 'Shrek' spinoff has gained $108.8 million. 'Tower Heist' ended up two spots to 4th place, marking a 45 percent decline for an believed $13.two million. That's by what was expected for that middling comedy release, whose two-week total stands at $43.9 million. Opening in fifth was Clint Eastwood's 'J. Edgar,' by having an believed $11.5 million. Which was also directly on track for that Oscar-hopeful biopic starring Leonardo DiCaprio. The key man's star energy and also the director's prestige were designed to sell the image to adult audiences, however the film's weak reviews made that difficult. The movie's limited-release opening in seven theaters on Wednesday (before growing to at least one,910 theaters over the past weekend) drawn within an initial $53,000 this past year, Eastwood attempted an identical ploy with 'Hereafter' and netted $60,000, toward an eventual lifetime gross of just $32.7 million. 'J. Edgar' could beat that, however with four more prestige movies opening within the next two days, Eastwood's top G-guy has his work eliminate for him. Overall, box office was up about 25 % from the other day. Still, figures for that year remain a lot more than 3 % behind this past year, with 2011 domestic grosses up to now at about $8.75 billion, in comparison to $9.05 billion last year. 'Immortals' - Trailer No. 3 The entire top ten: 1. 'Immortals,' $32. million (3,112 screens), era 2. 'Jack and Jill,' $26. million (3,438), era 3. 'Puss in Boots,' $25.5 million (3,903), $108.8 million total 4. 'Tower Heist,' $13.two million (3,370), $43.9 million 5. 'J. Edgar,' $11.5 million (1,910), $11.six million 6. 'A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas,' $5.9 million (2,875), $23.two million 7. 'In Time,' $4.two million (2,591), $30.7 million 8. 'Paranormal Activity 3,' $3.six million (2,776), $100.8 million 9. 'Footloose,' $2.7 million (2,215), $48.9 million 10. 'Real Steel,' $2. million (1,758), $81.7 million [Photos: Relativity, The new sony Pictures, Warner Bros.] Moviefone 2011 Holiday Movie Preview 'Tower Heist''A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas''J. 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