Monday, November 21, 2011

'Jersey Shore' Air SallyAnn Salsano Brings 'Mama Drama' to VH1 (Exclusive)

VH1/ 495 Productions Jersey Shore'sexecutive producer, SallyAnn Salsano, is getting another house filled with colorful figures (see photo above) to the Televisions. VH1 just acquired a brand new reality series from Salsano's 495 Productions entitled Mama Drama. The series premieres Jan. 1 at 9 p.m.our editor recommendsKelly Clarkson's 5 Crazy Quotes Cut From Her 'Unplugged' SpecialCable Notes: VH1 Orders 'Mob Wives' Spinoff, TLC Adds Air travel Reality Series'VH1 Divas Remembers Soul' With Mary J. Blige, Jennifer Hudson, and Jill Scott PHOTOS: MTV's Jersey Shoreline Italia In Production "This show is psychologically and aesthetically stimulating," Salsano informs The Hollywood Reporter. "You cannot stop watching. These figures are really the and raw and do not apologize for anything." VH1 has purchased 10 instances of what it really calls a "docu-style social experiment," featuring moms who don't wish to develop as well as their youthful adult kids who they'd rather friend around with, than parent. "We have seen good examples of the throughout today with moms living vicariously through their kids," VH1's Original Programming and Production EVP, Shaun Olde, states. VIDEO: 6 Best Fights on 'Jersey Shoreline' "Thing about this talks to a different cultural definition old with females within their 40s and 50s no more restricted by rules about how exactly they have to dress or act," he continues. "In some instances, this enables these to forge strong bonds using their kids and true relationships. In some cases, they mix the road and end up forgetting their role being a parent along with a role model." The series places five moms as well as their kids inside a house together to determine how their Best friend status can withstand time together and alongside other moms and kids concentrating on the same associations. "With this particular show, I'd exactly the same experience I'd in Jersey Shoreline [Season] 1," Salsano states. "Where I could not leave the control room because I possibly could not believe that which was happening before my eyes. At any second chaos could erupt, and many days it did. When there is a battle for the reason that house, it had not been a normal reality show squabble - it had been personal. Whomever was saying something was pursuing someone's mother or daughter." COVER STORY: 'Jersey Shoreline' Italia: Promising, Sobbing, No Sleep, New Shockers Just like Jersey Shoreline, Salsano states she pertains to the show's cast, although not the over-the-top ways they go to town. "I'm super tight with my mother. My mother and that i are close friends. I've that that is similar to these women," she states. "However, I will tell you I have never visited a nightclub doing shots and connecting track of men before my mother. I am not knowing, because even just in the very best of occasions there's forget about complicated relationship than a single from a mother and daughter. I believe that's something that should be investigated." Mama Drama is executive created by Salsano for 495 Productions. Olde, Shelly Tatro, and Kaira Abramson function as the Expanded polystyrene for VH1 with supervisory producer Sean Gottlieb. Email: Twitter:@TheRealJethro SallyAnn Salsano VH1

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