Monday, November 28, 2011

Talkback: Can Drive Win Oscar Nods... In Almost Any Category?

For many moviegoers, Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive was the film of 2011 (ditto that soundtrack). Nonetheless, at Nerve, Jett Wells echoes the sad realization of numerous a Drive-loving Oscar-watcher: Academy Award nominations are about as unlikely for that stylish crime pic like a clean getaway is perfect for Ryan Gosling’s boyish, near-mute anti-hero. Wells cites arguments which have sailed round the Oscarsphere since Drive first showed this summer time using its hipster flair, violent streak, which fancypants pink font, including its too-modest box office, youthful-ant slant, and insufficient “Hollywood moments:” Although it’s deeply with debt to Hollywood genre traditions, Drive lacks most of the standard beats nowadays’s blockbusters. I’m mentioning to individuals Steven Spielberg moments: a crying grandfather, a twenty-feet shark explosion, a grandiose score, a large, apparent emotional payback. These sentimental elements aren’t totally absent from Drive, but Refn is much more subversive about presenting them, doing this subtly as well as in layers. But what endeared him to experts will most likely hurt him come Feb — Academy voters are suckers for tearjerkers. I’d reason that the elevator scene, awash in surreal romanticism — company, mind-stomping — is really as indelible a film moment every this season. But Wells is appropriate Oscar chatter nowadays is War Equine, War Equine, Descendants, The Artist, War Equine. For a supporting jerk for Albert Brooks? Sure, it’s possible. And the Bernie Rose is really a terrifically terrifying surprise turn, however it’s still a lengthy shot. (See S.T. VanAirsdale’s latest Oscar Index for much deeper honours season analysis.) If only Refn could edge his distance to the pointing race, but technical nominations appear much more likely. So please chime in, dear readers — which Oscar groups could Drive certainly compete in, for reals? Five Reasons Drive Won’t Prosper In the Academy awards [Nerve]

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