Sunday, June 26, 2011

Angry songs to get through a break up?

So this is how it goes; My boyfriend and I of 13 months broke up four
weeks ago, Why? Because he saw me once every two weeks and when he
did see me he wouldn't stop talking about some girl who while he
promised he had no feelings for he is now dating her (funny how I
caught that) I'm not a jealous freak who dumped him because I don't
like that he was hanging out with some girl (as most of my friends are
male) but he was also constantly lying to me, bagging the shit out of
my friends and becoming cold. I wanted to work it our but he refused
to so we broke up. Since then he has been putting me through hell and
sadly I've forgiven him every time because I'm in so much pain that If
i could have him back to make it stop, well then I would. He made it
pretty clear that he's moved on by telling me about all the girls he's
had sex with and how he couldn't care if I was dead. So i've been
through the absolute miserable stage and now that he has a new
girlfriend i'm in the "I'm absolutely fucking pissed" stage. I'm
trying not to love him anymore but it's been three weeks and it's
hard. I need songs that will help release my anger, I'm doing boxing
too so hopefully that will help. Pretty much I've never been so
screwed over and hurt.
I've been listening to songs like "Gives you hell" by the All
American Rejects, Fighter – Christina Aguilera,
I fucking hate you – Godsmack, Best of You – Foo Fighters,
Never Again – Kelly Clarkson, Snuff – Slipknot, Breakin' Dishes
– Rihanna  Self Esteem – The Offspring.
I pretty much like anything but please no Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus or
Aly  Aj I really dislike all that Disney stuff.
I would love some Metal songs as I haven't really been able to find
any songs about your ass hole of an ex, but yeah almost anything will
Also songs about moving on or not needing the ass hole would be good

Best list will get 5 stars 

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