Friday, June 24, 2011

Above the Ashes Trailer

Above the Ashes Trailer [2]
The Fourmile fire was accidentally started Labor Day 2010. Driven by
powerful winds the Fourmile fire struck the mining town sites of Gold
Hill and Sunshine with a vengeance. The most destructive fire in
Colorado history, the Fourmile fire destroyed 169 homes and ravaged
almost 7000 acres of pristine pine forest. Above the Ashes tells the
stories of mountain residents that refused to evacuate the historic
mining town site of Sunshine and fought the Fourmile fire. For five
days the Fourmile fire burned out of control, charred the landscape
and burnt homes completely to the ground. Above the Ashes documents
the Fourmile fire through the eyes of the Sunshine residents who
joined together to fight fire, taking action and saving numerous
homes in the Sunshine community. Using haunting visuals Above the
Ashes reveals tales of bravery, family, friends, loss and the
rebuilding of a community. A long time Boulder resident Michelle
Bauer Carpenter and her family live in the historic mining town site
of Sunshine located in the Fourmile fire burn area. "The losses our
friends suffered are absolutely heartbreaking. Over half of the homes
in our neighborhood were lost to the fire. As soon as we were allowed
home I began documenting the devastation". Above the Ashes was
directed, produced and edited by video artist Michelle Bauer
Carpenter, presently assistant professor in Digital Design at the
University of Colorado Denver College of Arts and Media. The film
features original score by *...* From:
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