Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Key Circle: Mike Has Returned! Will another Balcoin Child Be Revealed?

Britt Robertson and Chris Zylka The Key Circle's witch-switched-witch hunter Mike has finally came back. Within the midseason finale, Nick's older brother went served by the Witch Predators, who had attempted to kill Cassie (Britt Robertson) and her circle. Though Mike (Chris Zylka) was dealing with the predators to consider lower the circle, he fell for Cassie. Which means he will not be too happy doing within the arms of Adam (Thomas Dekker) as he returns. Exclusive: The Key Circle casts Cassie's mysterious father John Blackwell "Wow, which was fast," Zylka jokes from the pair's lip-secure last Thursday's episode. "Jake's initial fact is anger -- and fighting that anger while trying to not show it an excessive amount of.Inch The circle has switched against Mike for his complicity in the near-dying experience, but Cassie is not as released she still wants solutions about her family's history with dark miracle. The circle will definitely be reluctant to trust him, but Zylka demands Jake's go back to Chance Harbor originates from an innocent place. "He's had this type of lengthy journey like a person/witch, and he's finally beginning to find themself out. He really wants to tell the truth and also to take part in the circle," he states. "As he wants something, he goes after it. No. 1, he's deeply in love with Cassie, with no. 2, he really wants to participate something. Clearly, the Witch Predators aren't likely to be happy with him." Exclusive: The Key Circle lands two new bad boys Mike will return having a couple of strategies of their own. They know there's several Balcoin child inside the circle. The Balcoin lineage, audiences have discovered, is marred with dark miracle and evil ghouls. "Jake's wise enough to understand when he goes directly into [revealing there's another Balcoin], they are all likely to desire to be it. Everybody sees what Cassie is capable of doing, especially Faye. He will treat the problem a bit more carefully than you'd expect him to." Mike will even offer understanding of what went down towards the parents of individuals within the circle nearly 2 decades ago. "We are likely to explore our parents' situation and then try to evaluate which really happened 16 years back and it is a pleasant ride that everybody continues. This is an emotional episode for everybody." The Key Circle airs Thursdays at 9/8c around the CW.

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