Thursday, August 4, 2011

'Jersey Shore' in Italia: Outtakes From THR's This summer Cover Story

What's it decide to try shoot a real possibility show in Italia?our editor recommends'Jersey Shore' Italia: Promising, Sobbing, No Sleep, New Shockers (Exclusive)'Jersey Shore' Italia: 72 Hours within the Existence of the Drama Queen'Jersey Shore': The Quotable Situation'Jersey Shore': The Quotable SnookiThe Best and Worst Moments of Jersey Shore'Jersey Shore': 5 'hang-outs' Where Cast People Made Their Mark (Video)'Jersey Shore' Cast's Memorable Brushes Using the LawRelated Subjects•Jersey Shoreline Try flying on the staff in excess of 150, coping with an italian man , president's sudden decision to shut lower the town center where you are filming - and finding yourself located in a train with a lot of hardened crooks. Individuals are the things Jersey Shoreline executive producer SallyAnn Salsano needed to cope with in Florence, the place for season 4, which begins tonight. THR COVER STORY: 'Jersey Shoreline' Italia: 72 Hours within the Existence of the Drama Full The train was the worst - though fortunately for Salsano, castmates Mike "The ProblemInch Sorrentino and Nicole "Snooki" Palozzi were nowhere around at that time, when Salsano and her key crew were scouting locations early this season. "It had been late," recalls Amy Griggs, executive responsible for production for Salsano's 495 Prods. "I was schlepping our bags. I was half-asleep, i was so exhausted and someone had suggested the bullet train from Rome to Florence - and that we got about the wrong train, filled with crooks, chained track of cops." Thankfully they continued to be chained up, a fate some audiences might want the cast. EXCLUSIVE: 'Jersey Shoreline' Italia: Promising, Sobbing, No Sleep, New Shockers Dealing with crooks might have been easy in comparison towards the other challenges, like selecting which city to shoot in. After toying with filming in Rome (too costly), Milan (too modern) and Riccone (too dull), the producers chosen Florence, where they shot on the set built-in an old bank - with lights and cameras just like a movie studio. Why the financial institution? Since the producers needed a building that may have a crew of 165 (including some 150 People in america and local people), together with the cast and offices. Additionally they needed to obtain permits - not only for that building itself however for every club, tanning salon and gym the cast may want to visit. VIDEO: 6 Best Fights on 'Jersey Shoreline' Each time the thing is Jersey's cast hit a disco or pizza joint, the area continues to be scouted ahead of time, therefore the crew knows where to setup. Proprietors are also taken care of shooting permits. There is a whole book open to all of the cast people showing just which joints they are able to hit and those they cannot. Within the "no" category: a number of Florence's best museums, which either did not want the Jersey cast or demonstrated too costly for shooting. PHOTOS: The Very Best and Wost Moments of 'Jersey Shoreline' Choosing the best location and setting it up setup postponed the beginning of shooting, which meant the cast needed to be flown out after expected and almost meant the show wouldn't happen to be in a position to air August 4. (Should you question the reason why you aren't seeing the cast on the flight in tonight's episode, it is because the modification of dates meant a big change of air travel, with no time for you to secure permits to shoot onto it.) The issue getting a locale meant equipment needed to be air freighted - some 20 tons' worth - since there wasn't lots of time to ship it by ocean. All of this postponed the beginning of production in the third week of April to early May, after which production was further postponed when leader Silvio Berlusconi made a decision to visit Florence, shutting lower the town center altogether. PHOTOS: 'Jersey Shoreline': The Quotable Snooki Expenses active in the shoot were mindboggling, from $220,000 only for shipping the apparatus, to $500,000 for that 27 security personnel and police. The meals budget alone was $250,000 air plane tickets found $275,000 and employing a helicopter for any single shot cost $20,000. And never even money could solve everything. "It is a very slow process here," Griggs notes. Related Subjects Nicole Polizzi Jersey Shoreline

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