Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Comcast 2Q Earnings Are Unsuccessful Of Estimations On Strong Revenue Growth

Comcast produced 2Q net gain of $1.02B, up 15.6% versus exactly the same period this past year, on revenues of $14.3B, up 50.5%. But earnings, at 37 cents a share, skipped the 41 cent target among experts who follow the organization. They expected revenues in the future in at $13.8B. The cable operation had 22.5M pay TV clients in the finish of June, lower 3% versus this past year. But Comcast acquired broadband and make contact with customers getting its total subscriber base to 49.1M, a couple.8% increase. Revenues at NBCUniversal rose 17.1% to $5.2B. Within that group, cable systems enhanced 12.6% to $2.2B andbroadcast TV was up 18.5% to $1.7B. The shot entertainment operation achieved positive results from Fast Five and Bridesmaids and was up 21% to $1.3B. And amusement parks were assisted by "The Wizarding Realm of Harry Potter" as revenues rose 22.5% to $147M.

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