Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Happy Birthday John Williams: 'Star Wars' Composer Turns eighty years Old!

John Williams, the finest film composer ever (and perhaps the finest living American composer, period) turns eighty years old today. Theres an excessive amount of to say of Williams with this only a little space, but listed here are a couple of stats... » Composed music in excess of 100 films » Gained 47 Oscar nominations (including two this season for War Equine and Tintin) and five wins » Ongoing collaboration with Steven Spielberg has survived nearly 4 decades » Stated three spots on AFIs listing of the 25 Finest Film Scores ever, such as the #1 place for The Exorcist Episode IV Together with his achievements in film, Williams offered as music director for that Boston Jumps Orchestra for 14 seasons and composed styles for four Olympics. In '09 he received the nation's Medal of Arts, the greatest award provided to artists through the U.S. government. Williams title is becoming so symbolic of film music that it is impossible to assume a well known culture without him. Heres to a lot of more many years of memorable movie music in the future! My top favorite John Williams scores: 1. The Exorcist Episode IV and Episode V (tie) 3. Raiders from the Lost Ark 4. Harry Potter and also the Sorcerers Stone 5. Home Alone 6. Schindlers List 7. 1941 8. Superman 9. Hook 10. Empire from the Sun Got a popular John Williams film score? Tell us within the comments below, or provide us with a shout on Twitter!

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