Monday, September 12, 2011

Twit Wit: The 9 Best Contagion Tweets of the Weekend

comments: 0 || add yours Contagion handily won this weekend’s unremarkable box office race, but it was an even bigger smash on Twitter, where 140-character raconteurs offered up every version of your standard germ/Purell/Paltrow jokes. In our new feature “Twit Wit,” we’ll highlight nine tweeters who make us laugh, make us think or just say likable things about a new movie. With Contagion, the tweets ranged from supportive to silly, and our No. 1 is a rigorously scrubbed gem. 9. Pauly Peligroso Twitter celeb Pauly Peligroso clocks in with a snipe at the expense of a Contagion costar. Hope this doesn’t persuade her to take even fewer leading roles. .bbpBox{background:url( #000000;padding:20px;}Contagion Spoiler: Gwyneth Paltrow is deadly virus that you should avoid at all costs.Sat Sep 10 04:46:41 via TweetCaster for AndroidPauly CasillasPaulyPeligroso 8. Johnny Weir Figure skater and Lady Gaga aficionado proves that under the feathers, pompadour and glitter, he has a refined taste in actresses. .bbpBox{background:url( #9AE4E8;padding:20px;}So excited for the Contagion premiere tomorrow night! What to wear? I like anything Marion Cotillard is in.Wed Sep 07 03:10:02 via Twitter for BlackBerryJohnny WeirJohnnyGWeir 7. Warner Brothers Hey, look! Warner Brothers liberally spreads the Contagion terror to those who won’t see the movie. .bbpBox{background:url( #000000;padding:20px;}Watch where you work! The average desk harbors 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat. #ContagionThu Sep 08 23:19:13 via TweetDeckWarner Bros Pictureswbpictures 6. Edgar Wright Let Edgar Wright’s stirring tale of loss, regret, and triumph fuel your own trip to the movies. .bbpBox{background:url( #9AE4E8;padding:20px;}Didn’t end up seeing ‘Contagion’ today after all. So I will have to catch it tomorrow. (applause) (throws down mike) (walks offstage)Sat Sep 10 01:39:46 via webedgarwrightedgarwright 5. Simon Pegg Perhaps you’ll also respond to Simon Pegg’s tweet with a befuddled, Kirstie Alley guffaw. .bbpBox{background:url( #131516;padding:20px;}Thought Contagion was excellent. Is it true the original title was ‘Look Who’s Sneezing’?Sun Sep 11 19:15:01 via TweetDeckSimon Peggsimonpegg 4. Frank Conniff The MST3K vet weighed in with a weighty, but necessary take on Contagion’s cinematic timing. .bbpBox{background:url( #C0DEED;padding:20px;}Haven’t seen “Contagion,” but a film in which millions die seems like the perfect escapist entertainment for this weekend.Sat Sep 10 17:02:54 via webFrank ConniffFrankConniff 3. Patton Oswalt Comedian and Young Adult co-star Patton Oswalt digs deep for an SNL reference that makes us nostalgic for Adam Sandler’s “experimental” days. .bbpBox{background:url( #1c5741;padding:20px;}It’s so tragic that CONTAGION came out years after Adam Sandler stopped doing his “Cajun Man” character.Sun Sep 11 00:17:06 via webPatton Oswaltpattonoswalt 2. Ana Gasteyer Speaking of SNL’s best, Twitter newbie Ana Gasteyer reflected on her earlier Contagion tweet with germ-free gusto. For the record, the “Delicious Dish” sketch was genius waaaaay before the “Schweddy Balls” phenomenon happened. .bbpBox{background:url( #C0DEED;padding:20px;}I misspelled Purell in my last tweet. This is an anal woman’s worst nightmare.Sun Sep 11 00:01:13 via Mobile WebAna GasteyerAnaGasteyer 1. John Francis Daley Freaks and Geeks alum and Horrible Bosses scribe John Francis Daley is blindsided by Contagion’s cinematic relatives. Daley’s got this countdown on Cruise Control (in the Speed 2 way). .bbpBox{background:url( #C0DEED;padding:20px;}People are comparing “Contagion” to “28 Days,” but I don’t see how it’s anything like Sandra Bullock struggling to overcome her alcoholism.Sun Sep 11 00:30:42 via webJohn Francis DaleyJohnFDaley Have a favorite tweet of your own? Drop it in the comments or shout out to @movieline on Twitter. Tagged: adam sandler, ana gasteyer, edgar wright, gwyneth paltrow, john francis daley, johnny weir, patton oswalt, simon pegg

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